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Greetings from Nick and Dave at Allicks Sausage Kitchen. We thought we'd give you a little background to help to get to know us better. Dave and I have been making smoked products for over 30 years at the same location, Dave started when he was in high school and has been here ever since.

Our family orignally purchased our business in 1969, and we have been making sausages, hams, bacons, etc. ever since. The business originally started when Henry Hoffman and his family came to the United States from Germany in the late 1800's. He had gaines "Master" Sausage Maker status while in Germany and brought these skills along with him.

The Hoffman family came from Minnesota to Oregon City in approximately 1901 when Don Hoffmans father Albert was two years old. Henry made products for Petzolds market in Oregon City for some time, and in the 8th grade Dons father, Albert, quit school to help the family and started learning the trade of sausage making.


While growing up Don Hoffman learned the trade by watching and doing which gave him work as he went through grade school, Jr. High and High School in Oregon City. in 1961 Don hoffman started a new business of his own near Oregon City, in Gladstone, (Right acrossed the river actually) where the company did custom processing of beef, pork, wild game, sausage making, and alot of salmon curing and smoking.

In 1969 my parents, Ed and Mickey purchased the business from Don. We have always been a "mom and pop" store, and do everything the old fashioned way, we are very proud of our family business, and hope you enjoy our products, or have time to stop and visit if your ever in Oregon.

If you have any questions please call us, and ask for Nick or Dave.







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